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Turkey Eating Contest! [24 Nov 2007|05:27pm]

[ mood | confused ]

 Hey everyone my name is Summer and I've been a fan of Takeru for awhile.

So did anyone see him on SPIKE TV for the turkey eating contest on thanksgiving? They had to eat a 22 pound turkey. But unfortunetly his jaw must have still been injured because he did really bad. 

I wish he could have done better though. :/

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Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: 66???? [04 Jul 2007|09:48pm]

I have just seen this video of the competition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V-2NKUlzns
And, I am very angry now. Chestnut and Takeru ate the same numbers of hot dogs: 63. Then, Chestnut gets 3 extra hot dogs. He didn't eat 66 hot dogs, he ate 63. Takeru puked after the competition had enden; when the countdown ends, he pukes. That's not phohibited! You can't throw up during the competition, but it had already ended! Am I the only one who smells something wrong?
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Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 2007 [04 Jul 2007|04:47pm]


I haven't seen the contest yet, but according to Nathan's Famous page the results were these:

1- Joey Chestnut : 66 hot dogs
2- Takeru Kobayashi - 63 hot dogs

I'm very happy that Takeru broke his own record ^_^  I'm sure he'll take the belt back next year! And I hope he'll take the time he needs to recover from his injure.

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[01 Jul 2007|03:46am]

[ mood | worried ]

Hi, I'm new here! My name is Noelia, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Argentina. I have a question. I know ESPN is transmiting live Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest this 4th of July, but is that only for the USA? I live in Latin America, and I don't know if it's also going to be live on TV here. It doesn't say anything on the page, so if anyone knows anything please let me know! Thanks.

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Kobayashi's injury :( [26 Jun 2007|11:34pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I dunno if anyone heard this today but Takeru Kobayashi may not be defending his title...


Also, Joe Chestnut (the guy who came VERY close at last Nathan's to beating Kobayashi), beat the record sometime earlier this month...


This sucks, i was really looking forward to a showdown between them again :(
~Rita Pita~

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SNL TV Funhouse [12 Nov 2006|12:16am]

Does anyone here watch SNL or atleast catch tonight's episode? While my friends and I were flipping we saw that Takeru was on The MTV funhouse making fun of himself, japanese television, and Dragonball Z. it was actually quite entertaining.

Next time there is a rerun maybe someonelse can catch it. It was the episode with Alec Baldwin hosting.
~Rita Pita~
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The Dynasty Continues [05 Jul 2006|12:02pm]
53.75 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

The Tsunami strikes again.
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MTV True Life: I'm a competitive eater [01 Mar 2006|01:19am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I don't know how many people watched it tonight (i didnt get a chance to, too much homework :( ) but That's MTV's latest true life and a friend of mine told me Takeru was in it XD! he was in it enough that her roommates now have a crush on him, i dont know if he talks at all but at MTV.COM you can see the schedule and when the next time it will be on. Just wanted to let everyone know...
~Rita Pita~

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alka-seltzer pro eating contest [01 Aug 2005|01:05am]

[ mood | awake ]

Did anyone see it this afternoon on ESPN2 (our official food eating contest network lol)? I didnt know about it till the last 4 battles. I know the finals it was Black Widow vs Takeru. But i had to go to the movies with my sister so i didnt get to stick around. I'm positive they'll show it again, i just havent checked the ESPN schedule, but when i do i'll post up times again. It was the 2005 contest - but i thought it looked old because Takeru didnt look as buff as he did for the Nathan's Famous contest. but he did have the blonde hair.

anyways, that is iall i jsut wanted to tell everyone.
~Rita Pita~

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He won again! [04 Jul 2005|07:56pm]

He's the champ! Looks like he's put on about 20lbs of muscle (his weight is listed as 150, up from 125 a couple of years ago). He probably had to start working out to avoid getting fat.

He's the man!

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finished! [26 Jun 2005|07:37am]

[ mood | artistic ]

My sleeping schedule is WAAAAY off...i decided to take a nap at 9pm and i woke up at like 3am and now i'm very not tired, but i got the colorbar done *and some much needed music practice*!

I'm still a bit of a newbie on these so be nice ^^; this is my first official posted one too...

Takeru "tsunami" Kobayashi is hot dog eating sex Love
Made by crimsonjoker

i ended up having TOO many pictures of Takeru lol, so it was really hard deciding, i was really tempted to use some glutton bowl ones i found (since that's where I found out about him) but the pictures weren't very good sooo i just used these. 2 kinda silly ones, 2 kinda determined ones, 2 where he has the belt, and 1 where he's just normal TK (i checked out that website, yes that really is him XD). And i did the 7 color *ROYGBIV but i used magenta instead of violet? and violet is purple? i dunno lol*. Any kinda changes you might want me to make just ask, i've got 2 weeks till my summer classes start SO i need something to do. And feel free to change around the code to your liking(the sex thing...i dunno im a pervvy fangirl :P), just please keep the links to my journal and the "made by" on there.

another thing, sometimes my picture server thing craps out, so if you want to save the picture to your own server then link thats fine. You can keep mine too it doenst matter just dont freak out if you see an X one day, it will come back, that just means onlinerock is hating me at that moment. And if the X stays for several days that might mean i changed server, so just check back the link to see an updated code. anyways i will stop typing, enjoy!
~Rita Pita~
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newbie posting XD [25 Jun 2005|03:26am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi everyone, my name is Rita (or Rita Pita, whichever you'd like), and i honestly don't know how long i've been a fan of Takeru's! I remember seeing him on FOX on this food eating thing *eating hot dogs of course* and i fell inlove, i think he was the first asian guy i ever got attracted to hahaha and is probably why i might be a bit of a japanophile now!

Anyways, i was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of him besides his hot dog contest ones...or atleast the Nathan's ones. I really want to make a colorbar since i've been on a bit of a colorbar rampage and i cant seem to find an already made one. I've only found 1 normal picture of him so anything would be fantastic. Thanks a bunch and i'm glad to know that there are other Kobayashi fans out there XD!
~Rita Pita~

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*pokes* [08 Jun 2005|09:39pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Don't think anyone would happen to have any Takeru related videos? What about pictures, other than the usual ones? I'd be up for something new right now.. time to reveal your fave sources.

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Retirement? [15 Oct 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I read somewhere that Takeru is thinking of retirement. He said that he wants to retire on top, and doesn't want to disappoint his fans...

But...I don't want to see him retire...

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[10 Jul 2004|07:37pm]

I think Takeru Kobayashi is an incredible genius. this site has it down.
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[04 Jul 2004|02:22pm]


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[27 Jun 2004|09:34pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi everybody! *waves* My name is michi. I've been a fan of Takeru for about three years now, since he won so many contests in Japan. Its so cool that there's an lj community about him! ^^
I'm gonna be at the Nathan's contest this year, so maybe I'll post some pictures here when I get back. Its nice to meet you all!


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Hello! [10 Jun 2004|08:35pm]

Hello all...other persons! I'm so happy that someone created a community dedicated to Takeru! I've been a fan ever since he shattered the hot dog record. ^^;; Yay!
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message from the mod... [18 May 2004|05:18pm]

hey, and welcome to the community! this is a community dedicated to takeru kobayashi, the food fight champion. please read the rules and post away!
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